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Welcome to the BYU Linguistic Department
Community English Language Resource Page

There is a pressing need in the Church for special materials to help people learn ESL/EFL (English as a second language / English as a Foreig n Language).   Why might Church members worldwide need or want to learn English? With English language ability, non-English-speaking Latter-day Saints can more fully and strategically

Thousands have already been served.

Since commercial materials are expensive and not easily obtained by those requesting help, we have, over the years, developed our own materials to meet people's needs. As the demand for English for Special Purposes (ESP), such as business English, medical English, and others has grown, we have tried to meet that need. These materials have been sent to hu ndreds of people in wards, branches, stakes, missions, Deseret Industries, Church Humanitarian Services, Institutes of Religion, Church Public Affairs, community action programs, literacy p rograms, and other non-profit organizations.

Description of services provided

Currently, the CELR center houses electronic and hard copy materials already created and distributes these materials and information on teaching English to speakers of other languages.  People needing such material can contact the Center for English Language Resources via the Internet, an already established toll-free number (1-800-BYU-TESL), or reg ular mail. 

What services will the Community provide?

First, the CELR will be a repository for information and materials for teaching/learning English as a second or foreign language. Its main function will be to distribu te that material and information worldwide. To do this, the Community will build on the already existing resources.  Both printed materials and software will be available at cost to he lp those who are  teaching or learning ESL/EFL. Permission will be given to duplicate materials freely for Church use.


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