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Permission to Duplicate Materials

Since printing and mailing of these materials is time consuming and costly, We send one copy of what is requested, along with a signed letter of permission to duplicate whatever is needed for Church or non-profit program purposes only. All materials are sold at BYU Press printing cost.

Please keep in mind that most of these materials are aimed at teaching English as a second language, or in an environment where English is spoken locally, where students can leave the classroom and hear English spoken most everywhere. For the foreign environment -- English as a foreign language -- the materials can be modified, and those aspects that may not apply can just be ignored.

Items Available for Teaching and Learning English (click on items for details)

  1. Expeditions Into English: Student Book (for beginning students, $8.00)

  2. Expeditions Into English: Instructor's Manual ($6.00)

  3. Expeditions Into English audio on one CD (MP3) ($5.00)

  4. English for Daily Life: Student Modules and Supplement
    (for low intermediate to to more advanced students, $8.00)

  5. English for Daily Life Teacher Manual ($2.00)

  6. English for Daily Life audio on one CD (MP3) ($6.00)

  7. Career English: Advanced (For advanced students. Book and one CD (MP3), $14.00)

  8. English Pronunciation Guide for Spanish Speakers(All levels, $3.00)

  9. Teaching Packet for English as a Second Language, 2nd Edition (For teachers, $4.00)

  10. Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide (Website)

  11. English for Gospel Purposes Workbook (Website)

  12. English for Gospel Purposes Video (Website or $5.00 for DVD)

  13. ESL Teacher Preparation Video (Website or $5.00 for DVD)

  14. Gospel in Spanish: El Evangelio en Español
    (Useful for both English and Spanish speakers, $7.95)

Last Updated October 21, 2005

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