Birds of a feather flock together.


People who are a lot alike tend to gather together and become friends. This can be used to mean that people are alike in both good ways and bad ways.

This proverb is often shortened. Many people just say "Birds of a feather. . ."

This proverb expresses the idea opposite to the idea of "Opposites attract."


Max and Saula are sitting in the cafeteria at their school. They see a group of people that they do not like very much. All of the people in this group are a little mean. They are often rude to the other students at the school. Saula points to the group and then turns to Max.

"Every one of those people is a little mean. How did they all get to be friends with one another?" she asks.

"Well, birds of a feather flock together. Maybe that is the reason they are friends. They all act the same way," Max answers.

"Maybe," says Saula, "but I don't like any of them very much."


This picture was drawn by Liang-Lan Wu from Taiwan/Argentina for a Listening/Speaking Level 3 class.


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Last modified on February 4, 2003.