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Student Resources

Real-life Adventure
A series of real-life, illustrated stories and adventures. Some basic exercises are included at the end of each story.

Writing Garden
This is the web site of one of the writing classes at BYU's English Language Center.
There are a lot of writings written by the students there.
Vocabulary Practice
A simple vocabulary drill. You're shown a picture and as you click on the
various items in the picture, you're told what they are.
Idioms and Proverbs
A list of idioms and proverbs with definitions, examples of actual use, and pictures drawn by students to show meanings.
American Holidays
Explanations of the major American holidays including the history and traditions of different holidays.
English for Gospel Purposes
Contains five lessons that use gospel language as the content.
American Classroom Customs Find useful information about American classroom customs that will help you make your studies as productive as they can be.
BYU Writing Center
This site will help you with your reading and writing.



Last Updated: January 18, 2018

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